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50 more fun beanie baby trivia questions

test your beanie knowledge with these fun trivia questions.
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  1. a native of maine, i live in the sea, a shell of red is what you'll find on me.
  2. 14 karat is the color i am, with whiskers and paws just like my friends.
  3. a horn upon my head, two different manes, but we share the name just the same.
  4. a new arrival the same as magic, to get hit with my fire would surely be tragic.
  5. jumping from lily to lily is what i do best, my all green coat sets me apart from the rest.
  6. the american flag i wear with pride, my long trunk i just can't hide.
  7. multi-colors you can see on me, yarn antennas are a real cool thing.
  8. the cowardly one in the wizard of oz, no longer my name 'cause the lawsuit ty lost.
  9. i'm pretty and white and love the water, my name is like seaweed the otter.
  10. short legs, long ears, and large droopy eyes, with your scent i will find you even in disguise.
  11. a buzz in your ear you may hear, yellow and black is on my back.
  12. my name is the same as a cold winter storm and stripes on my back is what i adorn.
  13. an exclusive of ty's beanie club, buy a kit and give me love.
  14. in the pre-historic ages is when i lived, the rarest i am and worth a mint.
  15. black as the night and quick on my feet, a feline i am and proud to be.
  16. "hot dog" is what people call me sometimes, i may whimper a bit but i'm really very kind.
  17. to the class of '98 education is the key, a cap with tassle you'll find on me.
  18. i prefer to come out with my fawn at night, be quiet or else i may run out of sight.
  19. the second oldest dog, yep that's me, long brown ears is what you'll see.
  20. multi-colored with whiskers to boot, brown in my eyes and named like a food.
  21. i live in the water, am pretty you see, a tie-dyed fish that is me.
  22. i am a crab, but which one am i, my color is that of a pumpkin pie.
  23. tweet, tweet, tweet is the sound i make, my red chest is pretty, round and great.
  24. eating carrots is what we three do, hippity, hoppity, and who?
  25. pretty red bows are in my hair, to my all black fur they add lots of flair.
  26. this type of fruit is green and yummy, it's also my name and i have a red tummy.
  27. white and black and i growl too, a bear i am, can you guess who?
  28. dark circles 'round my eyes, a nose of white, i like to eat your food, especially at night.
  29. i roll in the mud, i'm the color of pink, an unsightly thing i sure would think.
  30. a bear i am, the color of a holiday fruit, i have a green bow, oh, too cute.
  31. i was dark blue but now am light, to see a mouse will cause me fright.
  32. they made me first with all my spots. i watch the firemen wash the pots ?
  33. i am a dino so its a breeze, my long neck reaches up in the trees.
  34. i like to roll in mud on the farm, then lay in the sun as i do no harm.
  35. i beat the rabbit in the race but when i get real scared i hide my face.
  36. at red i charge with my point horns, as beanies go i was 2nd born.
  37. i like to bury my head in the sand, if you see my eggs they are large and grand.
  38. i hide under rocks and live by the sea, i am multi-color if you know about me.
  39. a patch on my chest all white i should be, can you speak french to speak to me.
  40. i fly around with my big orange beak, i live by the sea and it's fish that i seek.
  41. i have long legs to hop around and my name is like a kissing sound ?
  42. black is a color found on me and i live in a hive under a tree ?
  43. i am white with a patch sewn upon my chest, and america is the country i love the best ?
  44. i am new to the scene all white and pink, but my beak is gray, so what do you think ?
  45. i crawl around at night, i look like a bandit. named after a member of the beatles, some people just can't stand it.
  46. i'll charge you like a bull, your shirt sure will be torn. watch out for me i'm grey,and have a great big horn.
  47. i am black as the night, a cat by design. with my pink nose in front, i can run like a lion.
  48. i am black and white and i swim through the sea. what is my name, no shamu that's not me.
  49. i am black and white too, but don't mess with me. cause i'll shoot you with my spray, so you better just flee.
  50. i swim in the ocean, but some say i fly. i've got a nice narrow tail which is a blue tye dye.
  51. i am well known in florida my legs tall and thin.i'm the most valuable teenie,the bird family is what i'm in.
  52. i like to say quack and a bird yes i be. but i'm new to the scene, my green head and me.
  53. i've got a red tongue, that grabs all the bugs. i've got four legs, to climb under your rug.
  54. "_____" to bed, "_____" to rise, that is my name, so no big surprise.
  55. the american icon, how proud i should be. to be flying around, my bird friends and me.
  56. i'm brown like the sand, i swoop through the night. disturb me in my cave, and i just might bite.
  57. drink milk the ads say, and yes i help out. retired i am, so my name just shout out.
  58. the color of an emerald is what you will see, and old face or new face is what you'll find on me.
  59. a flavor of milk, a flavor of candy. am well known in maine, my antlers are dandy.
  60. i live in the desert, and not in the sea. a hump on my back, can you name me ?

  1. pinchers
  2. nip
  3. mystic
  4. scorch
  5. legs
  6. righty
  7. inch
  8. roary
  9. seamore
  10. tracker
  11. bumble
  12. blizzard
  13. clubby
  14. bronty
  15. velvet
  16. weenie
  17. wise
  18. whisper
  19. bones
  20. chip
  21. coral
  22. digger-orange
  23. early
  24. floppity
  25. gigi
  26. kiwi
  27. peking
  28. ringo
  29. squealer
  30. teddy-cranberry
  31. peanut
  32. sparky
  33. bronty
  34. squealer
  35. speedy
  36. tabasco
  37. stretch
  38. claude
  39. maple
  40. scoop
  41. smoochy
  42. bumble
  43. libearty
  44. kuku
  45. ringo
  46. spike
  47. velvet
  48. waves
  49. stinky
  50. sting
  51. pinky
  52. jake
  53. lizzy
  54. early
  55. baldy
  56. batty
  57. bessie
  58. jade teddy
  59. chocolate
  60. humphrey

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