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30 multiple choice beanie baby trivia questions

test your beanie knowledge with these fun multiple choice trivia questions.
check your answers on the bottom of this page to see how many you got right. then check your ranking on our beanie skill chart !

1. i have long legs and a white fur collar.

a. pugsly b. nanook c. stretch

2. a white bear who likes cold weather.

a. chilly b. peking c. princess

3. a black bird with an orange beak.

a. rocket b. kiwi c. caw

4. i an pink with eight legs and live in the water.

a. stinger b. inky c. claude

5. a lavender bunny who retired in may.

a. floppity b. hoppity c. ears

6. a dinosaur whose fabric is blue tie-dye.

a. rex b. steg c. bronty

7. a black dog seen as having two birthdays.

a. bernie b. scottie c. weenie

8. a siamese cat with a brown patch on his nose.

a. snip b. maple c. wrinkles

9. if i'm scared i may spray you.

a. jabber b. stinky c. waves

10. an early riser at the crack of dawn.

a. strut b. tank c. mel

11. there are two of me but i don't wear a cap.

a. inch b. wise c. hoot

12. the chicago cubs gave me away.

a. blackie b. daisy c. bessie

13. a february birthday i have and an endangered species i am.

a. jolly b. lefty c. baldy

14. i fly in the night with a capelike form.

a. early b. scoop c. batty

15. i'm yellow and black and i like to swim.

a. seaweed b. bubbles c. manny

16. my orange antlers are distinguishing.

a. chocolate b. derby c. bessie

17. a pretty blue bear from the beanie club.

a. clubby b. princess c. erin

18. i am a dog, the colors of a zebra, but i don't have stripes, i have spots.

a. bruno b. fetch c. dotty

19. i have napped fabric and white as the snow.

a. fleece b. flash c. spot

20. i am popular around thanksgiving time.

a. whisper b. blackie c. gobbles

21. a ty europe exclusive, he is brown with a flag.

a. bongo b. britannia c. teddy

22. a pretty little red breasted bird.

a. rocket b. jake c. early

23. the calico cat, gold, white, and black.

a. chip b. nip c. zip

24. the color of gold all over, retrieving sticks is what he does best.

a. dotty b. doby c. fetch

25. he's mostly white with a hat and scarf.

a. snowball b. spooky c. seamore

26. a character associated with batman and robin, this guys likes the cold weather.

a. waddle b. chilly c. waves

27. you might watch me in a race, normally i live in a stall.

a. derby b. digger c. curly

28. i slide along the ground and can be poisonous if i bite.

a. smoochy b. trap c. slither

29. a potato chip is said to be upset because ty has named me this:

a. hoot b. rocket c. wise

30. a bull i am with cream paws, retired that is me.

a. snort b. tabasco c. chip

beanie skill chart

# of questions correct                  ranking
      1-9                  do you know what a beanie looks like ?
      10-19                good start but continue at beanie college.
      20-25                your a beanie believer. good job !
    over 25                a true beanie baby pro !!!!  congratulations !!

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beanie babies- beanie babies- beanie babies, beanie babies, beanie babies, beanie babies, beanie babies