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US mail International insured airmail parcel post shipment rates

       To estimate the shipping charge to ship your package by US insured airmail parcel post to your country, use the tables below. First, use the bottom table to find the rate group for your country. Then cross-reference that letter and the approximate weight of the package in the top chart to determine your approximate shipping charge. *This charge is only an estimate of the shipping charge. you will be responsible for any customs duty if applicable and customs brokerage charges if applicable.

       Please note that it is not possible to track shipments by US insured airmail parcel post. shipping via ups express is more expensive in most cases but usually arrives quicker and can be easily tracked.

Find the rate group for your country and cross-reference with anticipated weight from the chart below to determine shipping charges in US currency.

Destination rate scales (in lbs)

Weight a b c d e
2.0 lbs 18.76 21.75 25.23 27.64 30.44
4.0 lbs 27.16 31.75 38.43 42.04 46.44
8.0 lbs 41.56 47.75 60.03 68.44 73.64
10.0 lbs 48.76 55.75 70.83 81.64 87.24
15.0 lbs 65.76 73.75 95.83 108.64 115.24
20.0 lbs 82.73 91.75 120.83 135.64 143.24
30.0 lbs 110.76 123.75 168.83 187.64 197.24
40.0 lbs 134.76 151.75 214.83 237.64 249.24

Find the rate scale for your country

Algeria d Andorra b Anguilla a
Antigua & Barbuda a Argentina d Armenia e
Aruba a Australia d Austria b
Azerbaijan e Azores c Bahamas a
Bangladesh e Barbados b Belarus e
Belgium d Belize d Bermuda a
Bhutan e Bosnia-Herzegovina c Botswana e
Brazil e British Virgin Islands a Brunei Darussalam d
Bulgaria d Burkina Faso d Burma(Myanmar) d
Burundi e Cameroon d Canada *See chart below*
Cape Verde d Central African Republic e Chad d
China d Comoros e Congo d
Corsica e Costa Rica a Cote D'Ivoire
(Ivory Coast)
Croatia c Cyprus c Czech Republic c
Denmark c Djibouti d Egypt d
Estonia e Falkland Islands c Faroe Islands b
Fiji d France (Inc. Monaco e French Guiana c
French Polynesia d Gabon d Gambia b
Georgia, Republic of e Germany b Ghana d
Gibraltar c Great Britain
& Northern Ireland
c Greece c
Greenland d Grenada a Guadeloupe a
Guinea-Bissau b Guyana b Hong Kong c
Hungary c Iceland c India d
Iraq d Ireland (Eire) c Italy c
Japan e Kazakhstan e Kenya d
Korea, Rep. of (South) c Kuwait c Kyrgyzstan e
Latvia e Lesotho e Liberia c
Liechtenstein b Lithuania e Luxembourg b
Macao c Macedonia, Rep. of c Madagascar e
Madeira Islands b Malawi d Malaysia d
Mali c Martinique a Mauritania d
Mauritius e Moldova e Montserrat a
Morocco c Namibia d Nauru c
Netherlands c Netherlands Antillies a New Caledonia d
New Zealand d Nicaragua b Niger d
Nigeria c Oman d Pakistan d
Papua New Guinea d Philippines d Poland b
Portugal c Qatar c Reunion e
Romania c Russia e Saint Helena c
Saint Lucia a Saint Pierre & Miquelon a Saint Vincent & Grenadines a
San Marino c Sao Tome & Principe d Senegal d
c Singapore d Slovak Republic c
Slovenia c Somalia d South Africa d
Spain c Sri Lanka d St. Christopher(St. Kitts)
& Nevis
Suriname b Swaziland d Taiwan c
Tajikistan e Tanzania e Thailand d
Togo d Tonga b Trinidad & Tobago b
Tunisia c Turkey c Turkmenistan e
Ukraine e United Arab Emirates d Uzbekistan e
Vatican City c Wallis & Futuna
d Western Samoa b
Yemen e Zambia e Zimbabwe e

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