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mcdonald teenie beanie babies !!

1999 mcdonald international sets

complete set of 4 in original holders
brittania - glory - erin - maple
only $ 14.95 per set

1999 teenie single beanies

any in stock only $ 2.95 per

98' mcdonald teenie sets only $ 19.95 !

98' mcdonald teenie sets
complete sets of 12
only $ 19.95

'98 mcdonald teenie beanies

we are now selling the 98 mcdonald teenie beanies. all of our mcdonald teenies are mint in original bags. we also have available some mcdonald teenie beanie memoribilia !! check out our store for more details !!!!

'97 mcdonald teenie beanies
all of these may not be available. some singles are sold out but we wanted to keep the entire list on here to show what the current pricing is for those that have them.

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