Hello ! I'm Dan Cunliffe II owner of Republic Jewelry & Collectibles.
We have been very involved in the Sports Collectibles industry for over 20 years.
Here is our Celebrity Walk of Fame to show you some of the Stars we've met along the way.
We've set this up as a Trivia game so you can see how many of the Stars you can identify.
This former Miami Hurricanes Football Star
Was the Chicago Bears 2007 #1 Draft Pick
can you identify him ?

This famous Oriole (man on right)
broke Lou Gehrig's Record
in September 1995

Do you know who he is ?
This actor stared in That '70s Show
as Steven Hyde
can you identify him ?
This Red Sox Shortstop Legend
played his entire career with the Red Sox
from 1963 to 1972

Do you know who he is ?
This Famous Chicago Cub
was a nominated to the Hall of Fame in 1977
and was known as Mr Cub

can you identify him ?
This Minnesota Twins Big Hitter
played in the 2002 Home Run Derby

Do you know who he is ?
This famous piece of sports history
is engraved with the winner who won the championship that year !
We will give you a clue. Is it the:
  • Winston Cup
  • Ryder Cup
  • Stanley Cup
  • America's Cup

    can you identify it ?
  • This Atland Braves Starting Pitcher
    may be the best all-around athlete among pitchers

    Do you know who he is ?
    This Famous Seattle Mariner
    was a three-time Gold Glove Award winner
    during his 10 years in Seattle.

    can you identify him ?
    This Legendary Baseball Player
    was known as the
    "The Duke of Flatbush".
    best known for playing for the Dodgers
    he also played for the
    Mets and Giants.

    Do you know who he is?
    This Famous Steelers Quarterback
    told Dan he could get a lot for a buck
    if dialed using 10-10-220.

    can you identify him ?
    This running back for the
    for the Saint Louis Rams
    is #24 on his team
    and is the 2nd best Running Back
    after Marshal Faulk

    Do you know who he is ?
    Known as "Charlie Hustle"
    this Famous Reds Baseball Star
    is known as Baseballs
    All Time Hit King.

    Can you identify him ?
    This Legendary Redskins Running back #44
    may be best remembered
    for his game-breaking, 43-yard Touchdown run
    in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XVII
    against the Miami Dolphins.

    Do you know who he is ?
    Take a good look at this gentleman
    to see who he resembles.
    He happens to be the brother
    of a Famous basketball player
    can you identify who his brother is ?
    This former
    New York Jets Offensive Tackle
    played with them from 1992-1999
    and has a very uncommon name.

    Do you know who he is ?
    This gentleman was the
    former owner of the Utah Jazz
    and started the Sambo's restaurant chain.
    Can you identify him ?
    One of the men shown is a famous New York Yankee legend.
    the other is Dan from Republic Jewelry.
    ok...so the writing on dan's shirt gave him away.
    The Baseball Legend to the right you may know as "Donny Baseball"
    Can you identify him ?
    Click on the picture to see a video of Dan doing some magic tricks for Donny Baseball !
    Here is what would have been a Beautiful picture of Diamond head in Hawaii but this Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver decided to get in the way. You may know him for his super attempt of the last 2 yards in the 2000 Super Bowl. Dan and his friend Keith were joking around with him so click on the picture to see a video of what should have happened at the Super Bowl....
    Can you identify him ?
    During "Dress like the Sports Star Day" Dan almost had it right but forgot to get the white shirt with an alligator on it !
    Click on to see a video of this star signing a mini-helmet for Dan.
    Can you identify him ?
    Here is a Famous Baywatch star who plays lifeguard "Kekoa Tanaka." on the "Baywatch Hawaii" television show. She has done numerous fashion shows and most recently modeled for international designers versace, Armani and Ferragamo, among others. Dan on the other hand hasn't modeled with any of those famous designers but is seen here with a nice Polo style shirt and a Baywatch Babe directly to his left.
    Who is she ?
    Here's one of Hockey's biggest legends .
    He is the one with slightly more grey hair and slightly more Millions of Dollars. Click on the photo to see a video of him giving Dan a few pointers on Hockey fighting !!
    Can you identify him ?
    Here are Tom Seaver, Dr. J., Joe Namath & Gordie Howe signing Autographs at a Golf tournament. Although they may be Stars in their respective fields Dan's Golf team crushed all their golf efforts by taking 2nd place in the tournament. Dan was fortunate enough to have Tiger Woods on his team. (ha!)
    Here's a former Dallas Cowboy Tight End. He was a member of the Super Bowl Championship Team in 1992, 1993 and 1995 seasons.
    He wasn't teaching Dan any fabulous Football plays. He was teaching him that if you wear a hat in the sun you don't have to squint !!!
    Can you identify him ?
    He was Shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals. From 1980 to 1992, he won a Gold Glove each year. He was selected to play on the National All Star Team 15 times in his career. His lesson to Dan:
    Don't look directly into the camera !!!!
    Can you identify him ?
    He's a Celtic's legend and ranked one of the 50 greatest Basketball players of All-Time. His nickname was "Tiny". He obviously played with the same intensity that he signs Autographs !!
    Click on the picture see some other photo's of him signing free Autographs at our store in 1998.
    Can you identify him ?
    This former New England Patriot Quarterback is a Legend and a Classic.
    That's why we chose to show this photo in black & white !!!
    This is a photo taken while Steve signed free Autographs at Republic in 1997 for hundreds of fans that showed up.
    Can you identify him ?
    This Redsox Pitching Star, also signed free Autographs at Republic !
    The only problem was that we had to pay him so much money that we couldn't afford the table for him to write on !!! ha..ha..
    Click on the photo to see other info from the his signing
    Can you identify him ?
    He's an NBA Commentator, Basketball Legend, and the tallest darn guy to ever enter Republic. He was a member of two NBA Championship teams (1977, 1986) and voted one of the 50th greatest Basketball players of All Time. He signed free Autographs at Republic October 1999.
    In the photo he is shown with Dan of Republic and the wonderful mayor of Auburn, Lee Young.
    Click the photo for more information on the signing.
    Can you identify him ?
    Some people say that Football players aren't the smartest guys, so we put it to the test. While this New England Patriots Wide Receiver was at our store signing free Autographs we gave him a quick math test. As you can see he was doing ok but we caught Dan cheating and looking at his answers. He's #80 on the team and in 1993 was New England's 8th round pick.
    Can you identify him ?
    He's a Quarterback of the Chicago Bears and former star of the UCLA Football team. This is a photo of him before he went to the NFL. Could his leap to the NFL have been due to good advise from Dan. Yea right !
    Can you identify him ?
    This head coach for the 76'ers Basketball team was asking Dan for some ideas on strategies just before a game against the raptors. Dan suggested scoring more points would help. The 76ers did and went on to win the game. No Thanks to Dan !
    Can you identify him ?
    As #23 he's the San Diego Padres Left Fielder. He was quite disapointed when he found out from Dan that he could of purchased his huge Gold Chain at Republic at less than half the price he paid elsewhere. Let's just hope the rest of the Major League players figure out how Great Republic's prices are !!
    Can you identify him ?
    This gentleman is famous for his monthly price guides. This was at a conference where the really smart guys got red tags and the other guys..oh well.
    Can you identify him ?
    Here Dan takes a break from signing Autographs at the 1999 All Star Fanfest in Boston. This former Red Sox Star asked to take a photo with Dan. or was that the other way around ?
    He was an outfielder for the Red Sox from 1974 to 1980.
    Can you identify him ?
    This Baseball Great could still smile even though he got stuck sitting next to Dan on the Greyhound Bus on the way to an event in Hawaii. When Dan mentioned going to Maui, he paused for a moment and said "I think i have a Condo on Maui !". Dan on the other hand doesn't own a condo on any of the Hawaiian Islands !!! He played with San Diego from 1973 to 1980 and New York from 1981 to 1990. He was known as "Daddy Longlegs," for his height at six-foot six-inch's.
    Can you identify him ?
    On June 17, 2000 this former Red Sox All-Star Pitcher signed free Autographs at our store !!! As you can see from the photo he was rather happy to be meeting all his fans !
    Click on the photo for more information about the fun event. He was nicknamed the "Spaceman" and played with the Red Sox from 1969 to 1978.
    Can you identify him ?
    There was only 1 cup of water on the table but 2 of them. Here's a New England Patriots Running Back right before the brawl with Dan over the cup of water. Dan was hospitalized for quite a few weeks. He remained unharmed. (ha, ha..) He was drafted by the Patriots with their first of two first-round draft choices in the 1998 NFL draft (18th overall)
    Can you identify him ?
    This gentleman is a famous Baseball player.
    First clue: His first name is the same as a bird.
    Second clue: His initials are G.G.
    Can you identify him ?
    This guy is probably the best known
    of all the famous people listed here.
    He's known for his incredible bounce
    and is shown here with Dan and Corey.
    Can you identify him ?
    He's a past Boston Bruins star that admits he never looks at the camera when his photo is being taken. He played during the early 70's, and his initials are D.S.
    Can you identify him ?
    He's a Baseball Hall of Famer
    who played 3rd base for the Orioles.
    He was the All-Star MVP
    the same year Dan was born.(1966)
    Can you identify him ?

    This popular Country Group is not Small or Poor
    Can you identify them ?

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